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What do I need to get this CCTV system setup?

​​Very little, Steps or a ladder, a location where you have an EE reception [other networks available] a mains power source for the 12v/240v adapter or a 12 volt leisure type battery (approx 6 - 14 days use depending on size of battery). 

What APP do I need to download?

​​Details of the Free APP and unique camera details will be emailed to you once you have purchased a system.

Are there any settings to be done by the purchaser?

​​NO, All settings have been done before leaving the workshop, just download the APP, add the camera details and start using the camera, providing you have an EE signal it will work straight out the box.

Will your cameras work at night

Yes, all our cameras have IR Leds for night vision, but please see the product details as to their individual range.

When the memory card is full does it overwrite itself

Yes, it does, once the card is full it will start erasing the oldest of the video images

Can these camera systems be used outdoors

Most of our cameras can be used outdoors or indoors, but please see the specs on the individual products as to their suitability to suit your needs.

How much does all this cost
Please see the products page for prices of the individual items, these vary depending on the product features etc
Can I have a contract SIM fitted?
Yes you can, please use the contacts page to discuss your requirements
Can I see this system working before purchase?
Yes you can, just use the contact page and we will send you guest login details of a working system.
Is it possible to connect 2 or more cameras to the same SIM Module?
Yes you can, the main unit contains the camera and mobile network module, we can supply camera only units that connect to the main unit using Wi-Fi so the extra cameras need to be in range of upto 40 metres depending on circumstances (Buildings, Walls etc). These cameras cost approx £99 each. A max of 5 cameras per 4g module.
How do I add credit or extra time to my SIM ?
This depends on what Mobile SIM you have, usually you can go to the service providers website and add credit to a number, just add you SIM phone number and add credit, if your CCTV still doesn't start working the credit may have been put in a wallet waiting to be allocated to your SIM, in this case you can register the number to gain access to the allocate web page, or call customer services to get them to add the credit, or you can login to your cameras WiFi [contact us for login details] using your mobile phone [you will need to be near the camera], when you try and use the internet you will get redirected to the allocated credit page, choose your option and your done. In extreme cases the wifi dongle may need removing from the CCTV camera in such cases please get in touch for details.
Can I collect and where are you located?

​​Collection is possible but these cameras are assembled to order and not off the shelf although they only take 24 hours to prepare, we are based in East Manchester UK near junction 19 on the M62.

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