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Camera menus explained
Main APP Menu

Here are the functions of the APCam APP main menu

  • Date and Time [Set the local date and time]

  • Media Settings [Sets the Video Format, Volume and Reverse the Image]

  • Security Settings [Change Admin Password and Create a Guest Password]

  • Network Settings [Advanced users only to Mainly to change Wi Fi Connection]

  • Alarm Settings [Adjust the way alarms are routed]

  • Record Settings [Change Recording Type] Default continuous recording

  • Defence Area [NOT SUPPORTED]

  • Storage Settings [Format the SD Card] Can only be done when not recording

  • Device Update [Check for Camera Update]

  • The ZOOM and arrow keys are only used on the PTZ camera option

  • HINT: If the seconds on the clock are counting correctly you have a good connection

  • If not lower res to LD and try reconnecting

  • Its always best to be on WiFi at the viewing end or a good 3g/4g connection





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